About us - Overview

Department of Information Technology & Telecom is under the Ministry of Information and Communications. The Department has seven divisions, viz. Application Development, Infrastructure, Tech Industry Development, Telecom and Application, ICT Management divisions.

In line with the ICT vision of the country to create an “ICT enabled knowledge society as a foundation for Gross National Happiness”, the mandate of DITT is as given below:

  1. Frame ICT policies, regulations, standards and legislation,
  2. Drive innovation, development and adoption of ICTs,
  3. Promote ICT as an industry and overarching enabler of national development,
  4. Support development of reliable ICT infrastructure in the country,
  5. Determine appropriate technologies and systems suitable to unique Bhutanese conditions,
  6. Facilitate promotion of good governance and shared national consciousness through the use of ICT and
  7. Develop sustainable and affordable ICT facilities and services for all Bhutanese to improve their living standard.
  8. The Department is located within MoIC premises in Thimphu .