About us - Application Development Division

Mandates of the Division

  • Application Development Division will help carry out the second mission for DITT which
    is to develop Reliable, Secure and Resilient Systems
  • Application Development Division will also develop those application systems which will
    not be procured by Application Management Division from DHI companies or private
  • Where in the system development is done by the vendor/ DHI led companies, the
    Application Development Division will provide technical inputs in the procurement
  • Develop Need based integrated system in the civil service to cut down on cost and
    enhance effective public service delivery
    • Carry out current function of;
      • Management of G Suite Apps across the Civil Service.
      • Development and operation of DataHub platform
      • Migration of G2C services to SSO/Datahub (Not clear)
      • Operationalize the GovCMS platform
      • Facilitate the adoption of Enterprise Architecture across the Civil Service.