About us - Promotion

i. Undertake systematic research of the existing laws of Bhutan (other countries) for their adaptation, where relevant and when required. This would also entail an in-depth research on various forms of ICT and its impact on the society.

ii. Organize information sessions, whenever required, about the policy and regulatory matters relating to ICT for the members of the government staff, private sector and the interested members of the general public.

iii. Assist the Ministry in the formulation of ICT policy and legislation and regulations taking into account the recommendations of the ICT and Media advisory Committee and the private sector.

iv. Promote and develop ICT services in order to make people understand the importance of ICT and its usage in order to promote culture, tradition and social cohesion through ICT.

v. Provide coordination to the ICT units that are setup in all ministries and regional offices.

vi. Study the ICT private sector in terms of its opportunities, constraints and difficulties and accordingly propose for positive government intervention.

vii. Develop ICT HRD master plan for the entire country including private in coordination with Labor Ministry and RCSC.

viii. Establish in consultation with other appropriate institutions a system of certification of ICT professionals.

ix. Facilitate training about ICT for the members of the government staff, private sector and interested members of the public.

x. Design and implement projects pertinent to the above.