Annual Performance Agreement signing

The Annual Performance Agreement (APA) for 2016-2017 was signed today between the Hon’ble Minister and Hon’ble Secretary, MoIC. Subsequently Hon’ble Secretary signed the APA with the Department (DITT,RSTA,DoIM,DoAT and BCAA) heads.

On the signing of APA, the Hon’ble Minister reiterated the MoIC officials to put in extra effort to improve the APA ranking for which both the Hon’ble Minister and Hon’ble Secretary would provide full support once again. Alternatively the Minster also stated that all MoIC officials must work as a team and that the Minister would be held more responsible for the APA ranking. The Hon’ble Secretary also reminded the importance of achieving the committed target,to be specific on the target indicators and that the APA would be used as a tool to evaluate individual performance.