Basic Space Technology Initiative Fellowship Programme

United Nations/Japan Long-term Fellowship Programme 2020 Post-graduate study on Nano-Satellite Technologies (PNST) in Kitakyushu, Japan.

The PNST/MEXT Scholarship Program is a United Nations/Japan Long-term Fellowship Program established by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and Government of Japan in cooperation with the Kyushu Institute of Technology(KyuTech) for post-graduate level students from developing countries or non-space-faring nations. This program will provide extensive research opportunities in nano-satellite systems through the use of the nano-satellite development and testing facilities at KyuTech.

In-service civil servants of electrical/electronics/communications/computer/mechanical engineering background are invited to apply.
The completed application forms have to be submitted to the Post-graduate study on Nano-Satellite Technologies (PNST) no later than January 19, 2020 (JST) for students starting in October 2020.

The Information on the fellowship programme is available at:

For further inquiries, Contact Ms. Yeshey Pelden at