Birds Newsletter Issue No. 34

Issue No. 34 was released on 21 November, 2018.

Contents of issue No. 34
1. Applications for 2019 PNST are now being accepted at UNOOSA website
2. Adolfo of Paraguay arrives at Kyutech on 5 Nov. 2018
3. Staying in tune with the space industry of the Asia-Pacific region, APRSAF
4. The SEIC seminar conducted by the students on topics of their choice
5. A visit to Panama and Paraguay
6. NASRDA hosted the 7th edition of the African Leadership Conference (ALC) on Space Science
7. Secure World Foundation presented good material at ALC in Abuja, Nigeria
8. ISSN registration for this newsletter has been formally completed by the gov’t of Japan
9. A photo report by Dr. Kurita of BIRDS-4 of Paraguay
10. GLEC2019, Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries
11. The UiTMSAT report on IAC in Bremen
12. A discussion of “Kente” – special contribution from Ghana
13. The public viewing in Bhutan of BIRDS-2 deployment as reported by a JAXA rep
14. Olayinka's World – Column #4
15. BIRDS-4 weekly meeting of Wednesday, 14 November 2018
16. Activities report by PHL-Microsat Communications Team (Philippines)
17. Report of internship at UNOOSA
18. BIRDS written up in eBook issued by Airbus (Diversity Award)
19. BIRDS-3: Monthly activity report
20. BIRDS-3: Long distance test report
21. BIRDS-3: Dipole antenna vibration test and structure analysis
22. BIRDS-3: Despatch Chamber Test for BIRDS-3 Dipole Antenna
23. BIRDS-3: Outreach activities in Nepal
24. TIHAR FESTIVAL in Nepal: A Symbol of Health, Respect, Relationships, and Prosperity
25. BIRDS-4: Self intros by each member

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