Birds Newsletter Issue No. 39

Newsletter 39:
Issue No. 39 was released on 26 April, 2019.

Contents of issue No. 39
1. Amelia Earhart Fellowship
2. 12th Pico- and Nano-Satellite Workshop on “Technologies for Small Satellite Research“
3. Kyutech will celebrate its 110th anniversary this May
4. Kyutech Graduation Day, March 25th 2019
5. Hanami in the Japanese way
6. Olayinka's World – Column #9
7. Cygnus supply ship – for the delivery of the BIRDS-3 satellites to the ISS
8. BIRDS-3 was launched
9. April report from UPD
10. BIRDS-3 team visits Izumo
11. LaSEINE written up in Kyutech document
12. BIRDS-4: Update on the BIRDS ground station of Kyutech
13. BIRDS-4: Update on the BIRDS ground station of Nepal
14. BIRDS-4: Update on the camera situation
15. BIRDS-4: My internship in Malaysia
16. BIRDS-4: Preliminary Design Review
17. BIRDS-4: Antenna deployment update
18. UNISAT-1 Project of Malaysia
19. International students of Kyutech (including BIRDS students) took field trip
20. NG-11 (containing BIRDS-3 satellites) berths with ISS
21. What is the difference between docking and berthing?
22. Orbital decay of BIRDS-1 – they are all coming down soon
23. A report about ABE training by Ms. Hind, a member of SEIC

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