Birds Newsletter Issue No. 41

Newsletter 41:
Issue No. 41 was released on 30 June, 2019.

Contents of issue No. 41
1. Long Range Test (LRT) conducted by BIRDS-3 team
2. Weekly BIRDS-4 Meeting in the BIRDS Room
3. Sony has developed LPWA device that can do 100 km distance
4. Visit to Kyutech by the Project Manager of RWASAT-1 (3U sat of Rwanda)
5. 7th UNISEC-Global Meeting and 6th Mission Idea Contest
6. Olayinka's World – Column #11
7. Kyutech is famous in the nano satellite community
8. Video of BIRDS-3 press conference of 15 Feb 2019
9. Hind (ABE Fellow, Sudan) attended 2019 annual meeting of Rocinantes in Kokura
10. Philippines Independence Day
11. We welcomed Prof. Dianne DeTurris (Cal Poly) who will teach rocket propulsion this summer for SEIC students
12. Location of the ground stations of the BIRDS GS Network
13. Updates from the Philippines
14. Big Sri Lankan event in Fukuoka
15. Public viewing of BIRDS-3 at JAXA’s Tsukuba Space Center on 17 June 2019
16. Public viewing of BIRDS-3 at Nepal on 17 June 2019
17. The name of each BIRDS-3 satellite
18. BIRDS-3 signals received at Nepal
19. BIRDS-3 featured in Nepali media
20. BIRDS-3 Deployment and Operations
21. BIRDS-3 news by Houston office of JAXA
22. Check out the work of NSLComm – it is a friend of Kyutech
23. SPACETIDE2019 occurs on 9 July 2019 in Tokyo
24. BIRDS-4: Solar cells arrive
25. BIRDS-4: Fixing the ground station’s antenna rotator
26. BIRDS-4: Celebration of Paraguay’s National Day
27. BIRDS-4: Selection of a microcontroller, an overview
28. BIRDS-4: Antenna tuning in the anechoic chamber
29. BIRDS-4: Kyutech and NEC joint workshop
30. BIRDS-4: Summary of Golden Week (GW) activities

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