BIRDS Newsletter Issue No. 49

Contents of issue No.49

1. Eighth UNISEC-Global Meeting in Istanbul (mark your calendar)
2. Astronaut Doi visited Kyutech on 24 January 2020
3. 59th Student Festival at Kyutech
4. Kiran (BIRDS-2; Bhutan) has a paper published in JoSS journal
5. BIRDS-3 Project is on Facebook – check it out
7. HEPTA-Sat training went to Australia
8. How the communication system was changed from BIRDS-2 to BIRDS-3
9. Farewell to Paolo, our Phd student from Italy
10. Femi reports on his trip to Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SH-SSP)
11. Kyutech is still the world’s No.1 academic operator of small satellites
12. ISU seeks more students from Japan – message by UNISEC
13. Beautiful Sri Lanka -- a member of BIRDS-3
14. 3rd National School on Space and Earth Electromagnetism in Malaysia
15. New incoming SEIC students of Rwanda
16. Report about UiTM undergrads who visited Kyutech under Mobility Program
17. Column #2 from Malaysia
18. 5th IAA CubeSat Conference 2020, Rome
19. Bhutan Space Week, 17-23 Feb 2020
20. Reports for 3GSWS, 3rd Ground Station Workshop, at Kyutech
21. Happy Birthday, UNISEC !!!
22. Kyutech Mr Wakabayashi visits Prof Huzaimy and UiTM (Feb. 2020)
23. Report from Paraguay
24. Farewell report by Paolo
25. CANSAT Training in Nepal
26. Media Coverage from Sri Lanka about BIRDS-3
27. Report from the Philippines
28. Report from Nepal
29. “Exploring Space” by HIGHLIGHTING JAPAN (the government of Japan)
30. Small rockets are the next space revolution | Peter Beck
31. BIRDS-4: Team jackets
32. BIRDS-4: Flight model long range tests
33. BIRDS-4: Thermal vacuum tests
34. BIRDS-4: Assembly of the flight models
35. BIRDS-4: Inhibit test results of Maya-2 satellite
36. BIRDS-4: Contribution to the 3GSWS by team members

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