BIRDS Newsletter Issue No. 52

Content of Issue No. 52

1. Kyutech is still Number One (academic operator of small satellites)
2. LaSEINE Laboratory Kick Off for the new 2020 academic year
3. Small satellite industry seeks stimulus as pandemic hits commercial investment
4. OneWeb files for bankruptcy
5. Space firms innovate solutions for the coronavirus pandemic
6. Kyutech introduces new course on advanced space robotics
7. How to study in Japan on a MEXT Japan government scholarship
8. Scholarships are also offered by JICA for study in Japan
9. Congratulations to Guatemala for its first satellite in space!
10. ISU offers this summer an online course; applications due before 31 May
11. New addition to SEIC YouTube Channel: Easy to make sweet-chilli shrimp
12. New addition to SEIC YouYube Channel: Home-made French Toast
13. JAXA video: Japanese space food
14. Report from Mongolia
15. Report from Nepal
16. Report from Honduras
17. Report from Uganda
18. Olayinka's World – Column #16 (report from Nigeria)
19. Space4Youth Competition 2020
20. BIRDS-4: Ground station software decoder
21. BIRDS-4: How to live in quarantine here at Kyutech
22. BIRDS-4: Effectiveness of video-conferencing during the pandemic
23. BIRDS-4: My travel back to Nepal (Hari)
24. BIRDS-4: Remote classes
25. BIRDS-4: NASA space apps, COVID-19 challenge
26. Report from Paraguay
27. Report from Zimbabwe
28. Column #5 from Malaysia
29. Report from the Philippines
30. GST (Gnd Station Report) report from Malaysia
31. Introducing Dr. J. A. Ofosu – new member of the staff of LaSEINE
32. BIRDS-3: ADCS (Attitude Determination and Control System) mission
33. BIRDS-3: Satellite operation report from Taiwan
34. BIRDS-3: Outreach during quarantine
35. BIRDS-3: Home cooking in Sri Lanka
36. Momentus to launch IRIS-A satellite of Taiwan
37. Futaba student CubeSat project concludes fund-raising phase

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