BIRDS Newsletter Issue No.35

Contents of issue No. 35

  1. A word of thanks from the editor
  2. Applications for 2019 PNST are now being accepted at UNOOSA website
  3. The 6th UNISEC-Global Meeting at ISU in France
  4. "Programa de invitación a los Nikkeis en América Latina para profundizar su entendimiento sobre Japón"
  5. News media in Paraguay/Argentina covers BIRDS-4 Project
  6. The 62nd Space Sciences and Technology Conference (UKAREN 62)
  7. BIRDS participates in Kyutech Student Festival (58th 工大祭)
  8. On 29 Nov., Prof. Fabio Santoni and his Phd student, Paolo Marzioli, visited Kyutech
  9. 2018 Group Photo of LaSEINE – the laboratory where we work
  10. The ISS can be seen by the unaided human eye
  11. Olayinka's World – Column #5
  12. A dinner party to celebrate the kick off of the BIRDS-4 Project
  13. IAF travel grants for attending IAC
  14. General Director Roman of the space agency of Paraguay (AEP) visited Kyutech
  15. Dr Huzaimy has arrived at Kyutech to teach his space weather course for SEIC
  16. BRYCE report cites Kyutech as the No. 1 academic operator of small satellites
  17. AWS (Amazon Web Services) Ground Station Preview Announcement
  18. Rwanda delegation is part of Japan Tour organized by JICA
  19. “Lean Sat” has a new website URL
  20. Cheki (Bhutan member of BIRDS-2) explains BIRDS to Paraguay
  21. Dr Amalina (UiTM of Malaysia) visits Kyutech for BIRDS-2 discussions; and SAES 2018
  22. 5th IAA Conference on University Satellite Missions
  23. Accessing Space with the ISS Bartolomeo Platform
  24. BIRDS-2: A report about ground station operations
  25. BIRDS-2: Video of ground station operations
  26. BIRDS-3: Monthly activities report by Abhas
  27. BIRDS-4: Reports by each member of the team
  28. Report from the Philippines
  29. BIRDS-2 is mentioned in the DITT (Bhutan) annual report

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