BIRDS Newsletter Issue No.38

Contents of issue No.38

  1. The vice chancellor of NAST (Nepal entity) attended the handover of BIRDS-3
  2. BRAC University selects new vice chancellor
  3. The APRSAF Newsletter and the APRSAF News Mail
  4. Message from Paraguay – how it is boosting academic interest in space engineering
  5. Olayinka's World – Column #8
  6. Dominic (Cal Poly student) interacted with SEIC students during Jan-Feb of 2019
  7. BIRDS-1 news: Mr. Jigme Tenzing is the new director of DITT in Bhutan
  8. BIRDS-1 news: Bhutan students offer to Cho Lab staff a “Farewell Lunch”
  9. COSPAR, small sat symposium
  10. BIRDS-3 delivers an outstanding barbeque dinner
  11. GS WS: The 2nd BIRDS Ground Station Operation Workshop 2019
  12. GS WS: Participants visit Mojiko and Shimonoseki
  13. GS WS: Reports by the workshop participants
  14. Fellowship Programme for Drop Tower Experiment Series" (DropTES)
  15. Important message to all former students of BIRDS Projects (mainly BIRDS-1 and BIRDS-2)
  16. S-Booster Space Competition offers big cash prizes
  17. Media coverage of BIRDS-3 by Sri Lanka
  18. JAXA Engineers Akagi and Goto visited Kyutech on 12 March 2019
  19. Dates of 4BIW, 4th BIRDS International Workshop, in Bangladesh
  20. In what language should you educate your kids?
  21. March report from UPD
  22. M-JEED event in Mongolia, reported by BIRDS-1 member
  23. High-level meeting between AEP and the President of Paraguay
  24. BIRDS-4: First solar sail study in Turkey
  25. BIRDS-4: Fishing in Japan
  26. BIRDS-4: Remote sensing application for the study of insect dispersion
  27. BIRDS-4: About Perovskite solar cells
  28. BIRDS-4: Improvement of ground station antenna system
  29. BIRDS-4: Birthday celebration for Mark
  30. BIRDS-4: Undergrad Murase defends his bachelor degree thesis
  31. BIRDS-4: Self-intro by Mendoza, Anibal, of Paraguay
  32. BIRDS-4: Food and life in Fukuoka
  33. BIRDS-4: PBL team joins BIRDS-4
  34. BIRDS-4: Self-intro by Abbas, Yasir, of Sudan
  35. BIRDS-4: Self-intro by El Megharbel, Hoda, of Egypt
  36. BIRDS-4: Self-intro by Leong, Timothy, of France

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