Birds Newsletter Issue No.42

Contents of issue No. 42
1. Prof. Mengu Cho wins the prestigious Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal for 2019
2. The Logistics of the International Space Station -- this is a video worth watching
3. Dr Taiwo Tejumola (BIRDS-1 Project Manager) was invited to serve as a competition judge
4. Olayinka's World – Column #12
5. Space: The next trillion dollar industry
6. G. Maeda visited Mauritius to deliver presentation & to discuss avenues of collaboration
7. Congratulations to Dr. Pauline Faure: The Lockheed Endowed Professorship 2019 award
8. Some members of BIRDS-3/4 visited local elementary school for outreach
9. BIRDS-4 member is interviewed by AeroTime News
10. Kyutech has two African students under JICA’s ABE Initiative
11. A good video on JICA, TICAD 7, and ABE
12. BIRDS-4: Lessons learned from first assembly
13. BIRDS-4: Timeline update for the BIRDS-4 project
14. BIRDS-4: Communication subsystem and related missions
15. BIRDS-4: Experiencing the ground station operations of BIRDS-3
16. BIRDS-4: Battery screening and matching procedure
17. BIRDS-4: Philippines’ National Day celebration
18. BIRDS-3: Public viewing of deployment at Nepal side
19. Prof. Dianne DeTurris of Cal Poly is teaching “Rocket Propulsion” for SEIC this summer
20. MIT Media Lab team teaches a summer mini-course
21. Update from Sri Lanka: Public viewing of RAAVANA-1 deployment, and GS status
22. Updates from the Philippines
23. BIRDS-1: The report about the deorbiting of BIRDS-1 satellites
24. BIRDS-3: On orbit status report
25. BIRDS-3: Nepal-Japan dialogue series IV – an outreach event
26. NanoRack releases LEO commercialization study

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