Birds Newsletter Issue No.44

Contents of issue No. 44
1. Applications are now being accepted for UNOOSA/Kyutech PNST
2. BIRDS-3 flight review
3. Two T shirts have been designed for BIRDS-4
4. Kyutech visited TUM, “Technical Univ. Mandalay” in Myanmar
5. 2019 Laboratory Summer Camp at Sasebo
6. The 7th UNISEC-GLOBAL meeting
7. Pre-TICAD report: Ghana minister (MESTI) visits Kyutech
8. Workshop on space radiation interaction, Greece
9. Myanmar holds its first space conference in at Tech. Univ. Mandalay (TUM)
10. A new 2-minute video from JAXA Washington DC
11. G. Maeda is invited to see a small bit of HEPTA-SAT training
12. TICAD report: The Africa Space Forum
13. TICAD report: Meeting with a delegation from Zimbabwe (29 Aug.)
14. TICAD report: Meeting with a delegation from Uganda (29 Aug.)
15. UN/Austria Symposium on Space
16. BIRDS-3: On-orbit temperature data analysis
17. BIRDS-4: Long Range Test report
18. BIRDS-4: Critical Design Review (CDR)
19. Finalists of the 6 th Mission Idea Contest
20. Family of Adolfo (BIRDS-4) has arrived in Kyushu
21. Kyutech has created “SEIC YouTube Channel”
22. BIRDS-2: Preliminary images
23. Report from the Philippines (BIRDS-4 CDR is mentioned)
24. BIRDS-4: Frequency coordination news

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