BIRDS Newsletter Issue No.45

Contents of issue No.45
1. International Space University (ISU) in France is alive and well
2. Kyutech graduates of Fall 2019
3. Report from Paraguay
4. Short report by AEP (space agency of Paraguay) which attended the recent UN workshop
at Graz
5. JAXA’s “Kibo” module celebrates its 10th anniversary
6. Olayinka's World – Column #14
7. CEO of Astroberry gives seminar at Kyutech
8. Fall 2019 SEIC Orientation
9. NanoRacks in UAE
10. “Highlighting Japan”, a magazine of the Gov’t of Japan
11. The 3rd Space Conference of Paraguay
12. Kyutech Space System Engineering is now up and running
13. LaSEINE, Fall 2019, Laboratory Kickoff Meeting
14. LaSEINE, Fall 2019, Laboratory Kickoff BBQ
15. BIRDS appears in German edition of AMSAT Journal
16. Kyutech’s involvement in recent TICAD is mentioned in its main web site
17. SDG topic: Satellites with social goals
18. ISWI Newsletter
19. A visit to the Embassy of Bangladesh (Tokyo)
20. Dr Moutaman is the new Sudan POC for UNISEC-Global; congratulations !
21. Annual LaSEINE laboratory group photo (9 Oct. 2019)
22. Report on the 3rd Paraguay Space Conference
23. JAXA announces “space robotics contest”
24. BIRDS-4: Military service experience in Turkey
25. BIRDS-4: Exploring northern Kyushu
26. BIRDS-4: Report for a trip to Takachiho
27. BIRDS-4: Reaction wheel test of the Engineering Model
28. BIRDS-4: In-rush current tests
29. BIRDS-4: A report on a trip to Korea
30. BIRDS-4: Functions of the Onboard Computer (OBC)
31. Report from the Philippines
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