BIRDS Newsletter Issue No.47

Contents of issue No.47
1. Report from Paraguay
2. BIRDS-3 member writes Annual Progress Report for NAST
3. Highlighting the food culture of Japan
4. IAF Awards for Prof. Cho and SEIC students mentioned at Kyutech web site
5. Country report during APRSAF: Nepal reports BIRDS-3 as its first satellite in space
6. You can put a message into the beacon signal of BIRDS-3 satellites
7. IAC student report: scenes of Washington DC
8. Event in Thailand: 2019 International Alliance Volunteers Conference
9. Report from Sudan
10. Space Launch Market Report Finds Smallsats Driving the Sector
11. Report from the Philippines
12. The BIRDS Project from the perspective of a Japanese student (presentation file)
13. BIRDS-4: Preparation of flight models
14. Presentation at 4BIW by UiTM of Malaysia (presentation file by Dr Huzaimy)
15. 7th UNISEC-Global Meeting in Tokyo, Japan
16. 4th BIRDS International Workshop in Bangladesh

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