BIRDS Newsletter Issue No.50

Contents of issue No.50

1. This is the 50th issue of the “BIRDS Project Newsletter”
2. 50th anniversary of Japan's first satellite
3. Incoming students of Zimbabwe
4. Japan's contributions to the United Nations Programme on Space Applications
5. A visit by Axelspace to Kyutech
6. Incoming students of Uganda
7. Mark’s stovetop barbeque ribs
8. Report from Nepal (BIRDS-3)
9. A great capacity building success story of the BIRDS Project
10. The new intern at UNISEC-Global
11. President of AEP (the space agency of Paraguay) interviewed on Paraguay TV
12. 2020 Bhutan Space Week Report
13. Column #3 from Malaysia
14. BIRDS-4: Ground station software
15. BIRDS-4: Egypt’s space activities
16. BIRDS-4: Party for graduating team members
17. BIRDS-4: Battery protection issues
18. BIRDS-4: How to measure antenna radiation patterns easily
19. BIRDS-4: Team goes to a Turkish restaurant
20. Report from Paraguay
21. BIRDS-3: Images from space
22. BIRDS-3: Farewell to two Japanese members: Sasaki-san and Kakimoto-san
23. 3GSWS: The 3rd Ground Station Workshop
24. Report from the Philippines
25. NASA is working with university teams to develop tiny tech for space trips

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