BIRDS Project Newsletter - Issue No.51

Contents of Issue No. 51
1. UNISEC-Global receives major space award from Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2. The merits of being bi-lingual
3. Cultural message from the Gov’t of Japan
4. Graduation event of 25 March 2020
5. Congratulations to Marco and Adriana for getting married
6. Kyutech celebrates its 111th anniversary
7. Sending status of BIRDS-3 QSL cards
8. Information about ground stations
9. Arrival of three Zimbabwe engineers to join the BIRDS-5 Project
10. All the back issues of the APRSAF Newsletter
11. A modest cooking idea from Sri Lanka
12. Lacuna Space — Transmission of a LoRaWAN Message over Satellite
13. Report from Nepal: Reaction-wheel-based CubeSat ADCS
14. BIRDS-4: Life in Kyutech dormitories
15. BIRDS-4: Anechoic chamber test of Paraguay’s satellite
16. BIRDS-4: Results of FM long duration test
17. BIRDS-4: BIRDS publication archive
18. BIRDS-4: A visit to the heart of Japan: Kansai region
19. BIRDS-4: Report from AEP (Paraguay)
20. BIRDS-3: Recent images from the satellites
21. BIRDS-3: COVID-19 situation in Sri Lanka
22. BIRDS-5: ZINGSA engineers travel from Zimbabwe to Japan, taking 5 days
23. Report from the Philippines
24. Column #4 from Malaysia
25. BIRDS-3: Okinawa Trip Photo Report
26. Report from Paraguay
27. BIRDS-related publications during Fiscal Year 2019
28. Important article about the Ground Station Terminal (GST) for the interest of all BIRDS members
29. Timeline of Bhutan’s Response Strategy to combat COVID-19

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