BIRDS Project Newsletter - Issue No.53

Issue No. 53 was released on 22 June, 2020. The contents of the issues are as follows : -

1. "LaSEINE Annual Progress Report 2019” is available for your perusal
2. NASA’s probe to Titan, a moon of Saturn, will blast off around 2026
3. Self introduction by Fatima – new PNST student from El Salvador
4. Virgin Orbit’s maiden launch failed … but it is still in the game
5. Self introduction by Minh – new PNST student from Vietnam
6. Tellus: Satellite data platform in Japan
7. Self introduction by Bramandika – new PNST student from Indonesia
8. Learning Japanese outside of Japan
9. Self introduction by Ariel – new JICA SDG student
10. Introducing “BIRDS Nest”: The BIRDS Project smartphone application
11. The Kyutech Futaba Satellite Project
12. Report from Nepal
13. MEXT survey on nanosatellite capacity building around the world
14. How to use the Orbiton software package
15. Report from Colombia
16. Advice on how to study Nihongo – by Dr. J. Ofosu (new member of LaSEINE)
17. BIRDS-4: English exams in Japan
18. BIRDS-4: Anechoic chamber: what is it?
19. BIRDS-4: Work at Kyutech during the state of emergency (pandemic)
20. BIRDS-4: Writing about space science and technology at a Turkish website
21. BIRDS-4: “Image classification unit” team takes home an IEEE prize
22. BIRDS-4: Commemoration of Paraguay independence
23. BIRDS-4: Coronavirus in Paraguay
24. Column #6 from Malaysia
25. BIRDS-3: Reset data collection
26. Report from Sri Lanka
27. Report from the Philippines
28. BIRDS-5: Establishing its missions
29. BIRDS-3: "CW-SMS"ing service - a novel public service initiative
30. BIRDS - Platform of CubeSat Program

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