BIRDS Project Newsletter - Issue No.54

Issue No. 54 was released on 22 July, 2020. The contents are as follows :-
1. Akagi-san (JAXA) receives “2020 IAF Young Space Leaders” recognition
2. BIRDS-4: Status meeting
3. A new document: Introduction to BIRDS
4. A new document: Introduction to SEIC
6. Report from Mongolia
7. LaSEINE Weekly Research Seminar of 8 July 2020
8. Report from Sri Lanka (space weather observatory)
9. BIRDS-3: Update on CW-SMS service
10. BIRDS-5: Updates on the project
11. BIRDS-5: Progress on designing the project logo
12. Report from Cal Poly (Bobby)
13. Report from Honduras (Reynel)
14. Report from Sri Lanka (Dulani)
15. BIRDS-5: Introduction of each student
16. Report from Indonesia (Rahmi)
17. ROCINANTES and how it connects with Kyutech
18. Report from Bangladesh (Kafi and Antara)
19. Report from El Salvador (Fatima)
20. Q2 2020 briefing from Bryce
21. Report from Paraguay
22. Adolfo (TEC) defended his Phd thesis
23. UNISEC Virtual CLTP Alumni Meeting: Report by Abhas, Nepal
24. UNISEC Virtual CLTP Alumni Meeting: Report by Ramson, Zimbabwe
25. Olayinka's World – Column #19
26. Column #7 from Malaysia
27. Report from the Philippines
28. Report from Morocco (Fahd)
29. BIRDS-5: Project kick-off meeting
30. BIRDS-4: GRSS cloud classification software
31. BIRDS-4: Planting in space
32. BIRDS-4: Moon village associations
33. BIRDS-4: Testing solar panels
34. BIRDS-4: Applying for a Japanese amateur radio license
35. BIRDS-4: Vibration testing of flight models

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