BIRDS Project Newsletter - Issue No.55

Issue No. 55 was released on 20 August, 2020. Following are the contents :-

1. Garvey McIntosh (NASA’s rep to Asia) gave a guest lecture for SEIC students
2. MIT Tech Review: Why Japan is emerging as NASA’s most important space partner
3. Issue No. 145 of “Highlighting Japan” by Govt of Japan
4. Hayabusa-1: Its amazing story as told by JAXA in a 22-min. documentary
5. Hayabusa-2: Due back at Earth in December of this year
6. KITSUNE PROJECT: Critical Design Review of 28 July 2020
7. State of the Satellite Industry—Global Data from 2019
8. BIRDS-2: Multi-Nation CubeSat Constellation Project for Learning and Capacity Building
9. BIRDS-2: Development and Investigation of Communication Issues on a CubeSat-onboard Amateur Radio Payload with APRS Digipeater and Store-and-Forward Capabilities
10. Report from Costa Rica
11. BIRDS-3: Videos from Sri Lanka
12. BIRDS-3: Media material from Nepal
13. Philippine Space Agency
14. Phd defense by Adrian C. Salces
15. SEIC Guest Lecture by Dr. Amal Chandran
16. BIRDS Ground Station Network continues to grow
17. Report from Indonesia (#1)
18. 4th IAA Latin American CubeSat Workshop
19. Reaction wheels
20. Report from Paraguay
21. Report from Korea
22. Report from Nepal
23. Report from Indonesia (#2)
24. The Joy of Cooking as shown by Keenan of BIRDS-5
25. BIRDS-3: Ground station uplink competition
26. Dr. Pom becomes head of INSTED in Thailand
27. Report from Vietnam
28. Report from Femi: Small satellites and optical communications
29. BIRDS-2: Health status on 14 August 2020 (735 days)
30. Report from Paraguay
31. BIRDS-3: Life update by Kakimoto san
32. BIRDS-3: Life update by Sasaki san
33. BIRDS-3: Recent images from the satellites
34. BIRDS-3: some details of its GPS
35. BIRDS-3: Traditional food of Sri Lanka
36. Column #8 from Malaysia
37. Report from the Philippines
38. BIRDS-4: COVID-19 safety precautions in Fukuoka
39. BIRDS-4: End-to-end connectivity test
40. BIRDS-4: Project updates by the project manager
41. BIRDS-4: Safety review documentation for Phase 3
42. BIRDS-4: Social distancing around Kitakyushu
43. BIRDS-4: Lapacho bloom in Paraguay
44. BIRDS-4: Friendship day in Paraguay
45. Report from Mongolia

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