BIRDS Project Newsletter - Issue No.56

Issue No. 56 was released on 23 September, 2020
1. First impressions of “BIRDS-style education”, by new staff member of LaSEINE
2. Japan Gov’t Scholarships: summary of SDGs Global Leader
3. Japan Gov’t Scholarships: summary of ABE Initiative
4. English-Japanese dictionaries: The first ones
5. Implementation Plan of the Basic Plan on Space Policy
6. SEIC: Special guest lecture by Dr. Adolfo Chaves Jiménez of Costa Rica
7. BIRDS-4: Each member introduces his or her work for the project
8. SGAC: Using candle wax as a rocket propellant for small satellites
9. SGAC: How to Design a Space Program: A video for stakeholders
10. SGAC: Presentations by Prof. Marciano and Nicholas Borroz (Rotoiti)
11. SGAC: Dan Hart, CEO of Virgin Orbit, discusses space technology and where it is headed
12. Sony to Develop Tech Demo Satellite with Univ. of Tokyo, JAXA
13. BIRDSNEST application can now be downloaded !!!
14. Japan’s mottainai culture explained
15. IAC 2020 (originally set for Dubai) will be conducted online instead
16. First Virtual UNISEC-Global Meeting occurred on 12 Sept. 2020
17. Argentina’s SAOCOM 1B was successfully launched on 30 August 2020
18. Press release for the BIRDS-4 Handover Ceremony of 24 Sept 2020
19. SEIC: Special guest lecture by Prof. Joel Marciano of the Philippines
20. SEIC: Special guest lecture by Dr. Jordan Vannitsen of Odysseus Space
21. Report from Paraguay
22. A review of media coverage of BIRDS-3 in Nepal
23. Bhutan Space Forum
24. Column #9 from Malaysia
25. Report from the Philippines
26. BIRDS-5: Articles for Sept. 2020
27. October Sky – a 1999 film
28. BIRDS-2: When do they come down (de-orbit) ?
29. BIRDS-4: Monthly articles
30. Some old photos of SEIC

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