BIRDS Project Newsletter - Issue No.58

Issue No. 58 was released on 23 November, 2020. Following are the contents :-

1. International Workshop on Lean Satellite – 2020
2. Outreach to promote the benefits of starting a space industry in emerging countries
3. Olayinka's World – Column #21
4. Water measuring instrument for remote locations (store and forward application)
5. October issue of “Highlighting Japan” – from the government of Japan
6. Japan’s Ambassador to Paraguay
7. BIRDS-5: Uganda Team travels from Uganda to Japan (the big journey)
8. BIRDS-5: Uganda team transfers from Fukuoka Airport to Kyutech on 26 Oct 2020
9. Kyutech has Japan’s only undergrad program for space engineering
10. UN/Japan collaboration: "KiboCUBE“ --- the first five rounds
11. Issued by JAXA: Certificate of acceptance for Paraguay’s first satellite
12. The IAF launches the world’s largest digital library on space
13. Visiting Japan for the first time? I highly recommend this 10-min. video
14. Press release by Satellogic regarding recent successes
15. Low-cost transceiver for CubeSat communications – designed by Tharindu
16. BIRDS-4: Delivery of satellites to JAXA by BIRDS-4 students
17. GST Column No. 2
18. Report from Paraguay
19. Local newspaper in Japan writes up the BIRDS Program of Kyutech
20. BIRDS-2 health status: Nov. 13th, 2020 (826 days)
21. Column #11 from Malaysia
22. The Center for Nanosatellite Testing (CeNT) at the Kyushu Institute of Technology
23. UNISEC-Global is conducting a virtual meeting each month -- you can join them
24. Report from the Philippines
25. Outstanding SEIC Guest Lecture by Mr Kevin Conole of NASA HQ
26. BIRDS-5: Scientific background of the PINO payload
27. BIRDS-5: Update on BIRDS NEST
28. BIRDS-5: Ground station plan for Uganda
29. BIRDS-5: DLP mission
30. BIRDS-5: First impressions of Kyutech by the Ugandan Team

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