BIRDS Project Newsletter - Issue No.59

Issue No. 59 was released on 21 December, 2020. Following are the contents :-
1. Astronaut Dr. Wakata scheduled to return to the ISS
2. Applications are now being accepted for UNOOSA/Kyutech PNST
3. A reminder about ULyS3ES of UPD and DOST
4. Rocket Lab puts up 30 small sats successfully
5. Olayinka's World – Column #22
6. 60th Kyutech Student Festival
7. Rocket news from Turkey
8. Highlighting Japan (Nov 2020 issue): The Japanese and Rice
9. To all stakeholders: New satellites need to be registered with UNOOSA
10. You can view all of 2020 APRSAF through a web link
11. Dr Loren Chang (NCU in Taiwan) was our speaker for SEIC Guest Lecture (30 Nov.)
12. Send offs for Mr. Ariel Manabe – Kyutech’s first JICA SDG scholarship recipient
13. More about the Japan-based Yguazu colony in Paraguay – continued from Page 2
14. "Japan’s Space Startup Market Blooms“
15. The auto translation feature of YouTube has become amazingly good -- you should try it
16. SEIC soccer night of 21 Nov 2020
17. BIRDS-4: Check out this NASA website
18. BIRDS-3: Report from Nepal
19. SEIC Guest Lecture: Presentation by Dr. Guevarra, Undersecretary of DOST
20. BIRDS-4 Monthly Newsletter
21. Column #12 from Malaysia
22. BIRDS-5: Thermal vacuum tests on Ni-MH batteries
23. BIRDS-5: Report from the space agency of Zimbabwe
24. BIRDS-5: BIRDSNEST (an app for smartphones)
25. BIRDS-5: Official names of the BIRDS-5 satellites
26. BIRDS-5: Space weather
27. BIRDS-5: Supply chain considerations
28. BIRDS-5: My experience of teaching practice (to acquire teaching license)
29. BIRDS-5: Japanese astronaut Noguchi
30. BIRDS-5: Self intro by Iwase
31. BIRDS-5: Self intro by Fukudome
32. Report from the Philippines
33. Arrival of Ariel Manabe of Paraguay on 17 Dec 2020
34. GST Column No. 3
35. BIRDS-2: Updates from Azami
36. BIRDS-2S team taking a tour of our campus

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