BIRDS Project Newsletter - Issue No.60

Issue No. 60 was released on 25 January, 2021.

1. A Message from IAF President
2. Perovskite solar cells in Japanese-language press
3. Revitalizing the regions of Japan: Museums as hubs
4. SpaceX SN8, and the meaning of failure according to Elon Musk
5. Archaeology from space
6. Botswana Launches National Space Program
7. Special report about thermal imagery from Univ of Cambridge (UK)
8. Official visit by the Foreign Minister of Japan to Paraguay
9. Snow descends on the Tobata Campus of Kyutech
10. NASA discusses BIRDS-4
11. Fukuoka Prefecture takes an interest in the space industry
12. How to test battery cells and other topics
13. Key space sector economic figures of 2020
14. IAF Young Professional Newsletter (Dec 2020 issue)
15. SEIC teaches a lot of space law + policy to students
16. Column #13 from Malaysia
17. Virtual 5BIW (5th BIRDS International Workshop)
18. GST Column No. 4 GST antenna design
19. Report from Nepal
20. The BIRDS-2S team of the Philippines come to Kyutech for environmental testing of their satellites, Maya-3 and Maya-4
21. JICA and Startups in Africa
22. Report from the Philippines
23. BIRDS-5: 3D printing
24. BIRDS-5: Learning Nihongo with a part time job in Japan
25. BIRDS-5: JR Kyushu rail pass, and the Fukuoka Science Museum
26. BIRDS-5: Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
27. BIRDS-5: Update on the DLP (Double Langmuir Probe)
28. BIRDS-5: APRS in BIRDS Satellites
29. BIRDS-5: The geomagnetic field
30. BIRDS-5: A discussion of software for ground stations
31. BIRDS-5: A discussion of Raspberry Pi

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