Druk Research and Education Network and connection to TEIN*4

  1. Bhutan has been participating in Trans Eurasia Information Network (TEIN) Project since 2009 while the project was TEIN3. Project is now called TEIN4, the number indicating its advancement.
  2. TEIN is now managed by TEIN*CC, called TEIN cooperation centre, under the aegis of South Korean government.
  3. Bhutan is a member of the project and Director is a governing member of TEIN*CC board. Bhutan pays a membership fee of around Nu. 100,000 annually.
  4. TEIN supports Bhutan in a number of network and security trainings every year and to attend TEIN meetings.
  5. Royal University of Bhutan has also been engaged with the initiative by availing some of the trainings and awareness programs.
  6. While TEIN is Bhutan’s gateway to global research and education network, having a research and education network inside the country is very important. Therefore a research and education network under RUB is planned in11 FYP. The envisaged network has been named DrukREN for Druk Research and Education Network in discussion with RUB.
  7. SASEC Regional Network will be re-purposed to Druk Research and Education Network.
  8. The RUB has already agreed to collaborate on the project. DITT will build this network, and operate the network once completed.
  9. Bhutan’s connection to TEIN will be achieved through the regional network currently being built under SASEC Information Highway project and National Knowledge Network (NKN) of India. Since NKN is connected to TEIN, Bhutan’s connection to TEIN will be achieved. Other alternatives are also being explored to connect to NKN, India.
  10. A discussion of this was held between DITT, NKN, and other SASEC countries in 2014. NKN has committed to connect Bhutan once regional network reaches Siliguri. NKN is also in the process of studying alternative routes to connect DrukREN with NKN.
  11. Contract to supply for equipment, accessories and installation and commissioning of DrukREN has been awarded.
  12. Project Implementation is ongoing.
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