BIRDS Newsletter Issue No.46

Contents of issue No.46
1. UN/IAF workshop right before 2019 IAC in Washington D.C.
2. SEIC and BIRDS students participated in 2019 IAC in Washington D.C.
3. Some preliminary earth images taken by BIRDS-3 satellites
4. Outstanding video about the space business
5. 3D passive microwave observations every point on Earth every 15 minutes
6. BIRDS-3 team took a trip to Itoshima (Fukuoka Prefecture)
7. Report from Sudan, by Dr Moutaman
8. Cal Poly students gave presentations during weekly seminar
9. Futaba satellite project of Kyutech; funds raised by crowdfunding
10. IAA African Symposium on Small Sats, 11-13 May 2020, South Africa
11. Olayinka's World – Column #15
12. The best presentation of 2018 UN/IAF workshop in Bremen, Germany
13. Report from Sudan, by Sondos Wasfi
14. Guest lecturer discusses the latest X-ray research
15. BIRDS-3: Apiwat and Abhas make a visit to Nepal
16. Report from the Philippines
17. N6RFM receives his call sign from BIRDS-3
18. 2nd IAA Latin American Symposium On Small Satellites
19. BIRDS-4: Space Activity Act
20. BIRDS-4: ITU document submission schedule (API)
21. BIRDS-4: Thermal vacuum tests with BIRDS-4 satellites
22. BIRDS-4: Celebration of Yuma’s birthday
23. BIRDS-4: Private space business opportunities
24. BIRDS-4: Logo designs of BIRDS-4 flight models
25. BIRDS-4: Testing of transceiver for store & forward ground terminal
26. Recent Kyutech publications for the public

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