BIRDS Newsletter Issue No.48

Contents of issue No.48

1. BIRDS-SEIC End-of-year party
2. London report
3. The Ambassador of Myanmar visited Kyutech on 19 December 2019
4. The 34th Annual Small Satellite Conference
5. Olayinka's World – Column #16
6. Column #1 from Malaysia
7. Some of the received greeting cards at the end of 2019
8. December 2019 issue of “Highlighting Japan”
9. Kyutech’s 2019 Field Trip for the international students
10. Sir Fazle Hasan Abed – gone but not forgotten
11. Tenth Nano-Satellite Symposium, Istanbul
12. December birthdays are celebrated at LaSEINE
13. UNIGLO-7 Photo Report
14. Journal of Small Satellites
15. The new space race
16. Congrats to BIRDS-4 member Adolfo !!!
17. Report about a conference at CRASTE-LF by Timothy (Zimbabwe)
18. Report from Paraguay
19. BIRDS-4: JAXA safety review
20. BIRDS-4: Emerging Space Leaders – the experience
21. BIRDS-4: Coil preparation of Flight Models
22. BIRDS-4: Solar panel functionality based on sun simulator tests
23. BIRDS-4: End-of-year party by BIRDS-4 team and by SEIC
24. BIRDS-4: LaSEINE, end-of-year party
25. BIRDS-4: CubeSat fit check
26. BIRDS-4: 2019: A year in review
27. BIRDS-4: The challenges of store-and-forward
28. BIRDS-4: Annual bowling event
29. IAA African Symposium on Small Sats, 11-14 May 2020, South Africa
30. BIRDS-3: Image gallery … more pics from space
31. Report from the Philippines

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