Bhutan has embarked upon a journey of a networked government through initiative of Electronic Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF). The e-GIF, in the broad sense, is a Government Enterprise Architecture (GEA) to define standards and best practices to enable ICT systems to better integrate and interoperate across the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB),and to align IT investment to the government business functions. Its objective is to serve as an overarching framework comprising of standards, guidelines, artefacts and best practices for government agencies to comply and re-use. The e-GIF is a work in-Progress and has many areas to be developed to meet the needs of e-Government in Bhutan.

The four domain architectures for Royal Government of Bhutan are:

  1. Business Architecture
  2. Data Architecture
  3. Application Architecture
  4. Technology Architecture

In addition to the architectures,e-GIF have Technology Standards, Enterprise Data Dictionary, and Data steward & Ownership guidelines.

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