eGov Governance

e-Government Governance Framework Institutionalized

The Cabinet vide the Government Executive Order C-2/422 dated June 27, 2014 has approved the institutionalization of e-Government Governance Framework in the country for compliance and implementation with immediate effect.

The rationale for establishing the e-Government Governance Framework is to ensure effective & smooth implementation of the e-Government Masterplan with clear visibility and accountability at all levels. This enables Government to streamline Whole of Government (WoG) ICT Planning & implementation in a holistic approach through:

  • Fostering collaboration & coordination across agencies to optimize and share ICT resources & infrastructure wherever possible.
  • Derive synergies through collaboration
  • Ensure prudent ICT investment through eGov review process by eliminating duplication of effort and resources.
  • Periodic monitoring on the progress of WoG systems implementation.
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