ICS Tender pre-bit meeting

As per the tender documents floated in the eGP system for Integrated citizen services covering 3 packages, namely.

PACKAGE - I : Permits Services Labour Immigration Tourist (VISA)
PACKAGE - II : Vehicle Services Vehicle Services
PACKAGE - III : GIS & Pension Services GIS service, Pension service,
PACKAGE - IV : Student Information Services Student Information services

The earlier deadline for submission of bids, which is on 11th March 2021 is extended by 10 days, which will be 21st March 2021, and the bid opening date and time will remain the same.

As per ToR, the client will make a presentation on the expected outcome of the exercise and also clarify if any questions from the interested bidder on 12th March 2021 (Friday) at DITT old conference hall at 11:00 hours. Therefore, all interested software companies are invited to attend.