Internet Connection to Schools and Hospitals using USF

With reference to the letter C-3/77/806 dated 29th June, 2015, as part of the 60th Birth Anniversary Celebration, the Media and Communications Sub-Committee under MoIC initiated an activity to connect schools with Internet in honor of His Majesty the 4th Druk Gyalpo’s initiative to introduce Internet in the country. The government approved the proposed internet connectivity to fifty schools through the Universal Service Fund (USF) with a budget estimate of Nu.7 million in principal.

In addition to the above, there is possibility of connecting the remaining unconnected schools with internet using the Universal Service Fund (USF). Therefore, the ministry, requested MoE to submit a list of remaining schools that need internet connectivity. The Ministry of Education(MoE) submitted the list of schools on 30th November 2015. There are 47 schools that need internet connection. From 47 schools, there is one school with no electricity. Therefore total cost of estimates were made for 46 schools.

During the mid term review of APA 2014-2015 held in Paro on March 12-13,2015, Hon’ble Prime Minister instructed to connect a few selected BHUs for Telemedicine. In continuation to Honorable PM’s instruction, the ministry, requested MoH to submit a list of potential BHUs and Hospitals at all levels from 20 Dzongkhags. MoH submitted the potential number of health centres. The list submitted included 31 health centres comprising 16 Dzongkhag hospitals and 15 BHUs.

Internet connection to remaining schools and health centres will be initiated with approval from the cabinet. The department has submitted the note to the cabinet for approval.

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