Recall of nominations for innovators in IT

The Department of Information Technology and Telecom/Ministry of Information and Communications recalls for nomination from individual(s)/agency(ies) who have contributed significantly to society through the use of ICT and its services. Outstanding nominees will be selected and awarded prizes on June 22, 2016 under two categories as follows:
Language and Culture promotion using ICT
Other Services Using ICT

The call for nomination will be open from 3/5/2016 to 3/6/2016. Besides other categories (User friendly, Practical application, Impact on society - culture and tradition, service delivery, sector specific,Complexity of the innovation and Involvement of ICT), the nominees will be awarded based on two major categories:
ABCD (Above and Beyond Call of Duty)

Links for nominations:
First category (Language and Culture promotion using ICT)
Second Category (Other services using ICT)