Infrastructure Projects

Electronic Waste Management

  1. DITT was identified as the lead organization for managing e-waste in the country.
  2. DITT contributed to frame e-waste section of National Waste Prevention and Management Regulation 2012.
  3. Under Chiphen Rigpel Project DITT also provided training on the regulation and e-waste management to dzongkhag and thromde environment officers and ICT officers.
  4. DITT has carried out national level advocacy program through an animation clip aired on BBS on e-waste management

Government Data Centre(GDC)

  1. The GDC project is a part of RGoB’s eGov initiative, funded by Government of India for the 11th Five Year Plan.
  2. As the warm shell already exists in the data centre at Thimphu Tech Park, the project will utilize the space allocated(1000 sq.ft) to Government at TTPL and install server systems, storage and network.

Government Intranet

  1. Through Govt. Intranet Project the department will revamp whole TWAN and extend TWAN connection to Dzongkhag, Gewog, Dungkhag and Regional Offices.
  2. Following are the project components of the project:
    1. Revamp Government Intranet.
    2. LAN Installation in Gewog, Dungkhag and Regional Offices.
    3. Extension of Government Intranet to Dzongkhag, Gewog, Dungkhag and Regional Offices.
    4. HR Capacity Development.

Thimphu-Wide Area Network

  1. Thimphu Wide Area Network (TWAN)/Government Intranet is an optical fiber network and it connects government agencies and corporations in Thimphu providing network connectivity to G2C, G2G, Video Conference services and applications.
  2. TWAN is extended to all 20 Dzongkhag administration offices and to Community Centers through Point-to-Point (P2P) connection to bring whole of government under one network umbrella.
  3. TWAN was established in 2007 and it has network equipment viz routers, firewall, switches, servers and other ancillary electrical equipment.