IT Standards

e-Government Interoperability Framework (E-GIF)

The e-GIF, in its broad sense, is government enterprise architecture to define technical standards and best practices to enable ICT systems to integrate and interoperate across the RGoB. It institutes set of standards and guidelines that the government agencies must adopt to enable better sharing and collaboration within government agencies. It allows diverse government application systems to seamlessly exchange data and use the data that has been exchanged meaningfully, with support of standardised technologies, data and applications.

e-Government System

ICT implementation in the Royal Government continues to gain maturity and also complexity by the year. The expectations on ICT and the responsibilities of ICT professionals have
correspondingly increased both in depth and coverage. This situation calls for specialized skills in varied areas and high level of professionalism.

Dzongkha Standard

This document governs the following Bhutanese technology standards pertaining to the use of Dzongkha within computer environments:

A. Character Encoding Standard for Dzongkha Materials.
B. Standardised Keyboard Layout for Typing in Dzongkha.
C. Dzongkha Locale and Culture Information for the Kingdom of Bhutan.

These information are now out-dated. For up-to-date information, refer DDC website: