Telecommunications Studies

The following studies will be carried out:

  1. Telecom studies
    1. World Bank funded project to develop Tariff regulation, QoS framework and regulation, and introduction of alternative services in telecom market
    2. Contract signed with the consultant and work will commence from February, 2016
  2. Feasibility study for Regional Telecommunications Connectivity
    1. World Bank funded project to conduct feasibility study on establishment of 3rd international gateway, domestic redundancy, fiber monitoring system, O&M module of fiber network.
    2. Firm identified, contract finalization in process. Work to commence as soon as the contract is signed.
  3. Wireless Broadband Masterplan for Bhutan
    1. Study conducted through ITU TA to develop a masterplan.
    2. Consultation service completed with review of 1st draft in process.
  4. Disaster Management strategies
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